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  Go, trouble!


  Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, The Secret, the power of positive thinking, or you think positive thinking is a bunch of new age bologna, few can argue with the fact that people simply are happier and feel more optimistic when they have positive thoughts. For those in sales, positive thinking can lead to more creative thinking which can lead to more closed sales.



  Knowing how to think positively is as important as wanting to. Here are a few steps to how to be a positive thinker from the business world.


  1.Determine Your Desired Outcome


  The problem with many people is that they really don't know what they want out of life or a particular situation. Take a moment to decide what it really is that you want out of a life event. Clear intentions yield clear results while fuzzy desires yield fuzzy results.


  2.Make A List of Things Your Are Grateful For


  Tony Robbins, well known life coach and motivational speaker, says that no matter how much money you may have in your accounts, if you are not grateful, you are poor. Gratitude is an amazing emotion in that it is almost impossible to feel negative thoughts when you are focusing on things you are grateful for.

  Tonny Robbins是一位有名的人生导师和励志演说家,他认为无论你的银行账户有多少存款,如果你不懂感恩,你就是贫穷的人。感恩的心是一种神奇的情感,因为当你专注于你所感恩的事情时,你几乎不可能有负面的情绪。

  If you make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for everyday, you will put yourself in a very positive mind set that will last your entire day.


  3.Learn to Count to 5


  Most of us spend our lives reacting to events. How we react is usually governed by how we either learned to react or have reacted to similar events in our past. But simply reacting does not allow any room for creative and targeted thinking.


  Next time you find yourself in a situation that presents a challenge to your decision to be more positive, hold your reaction and count to 5. This brief break will give you the opportunity to decide how you want to respond, instead of simply reacting.


  4.Cut Back on the Nightly News


  Whichever nightly news program you prefer, you probably are aware of how much negative news is reported. Expose yourself to an abundance of negativity and, like it or not, you will begin to be more negative.

  无论你喜欢何种夜间新闻节目,但你应该都能意识到负面新闻的影响。如果你常常观看大量的负面新闻,不管你喜不喜欢,你都会变得越来越消极。 负面影响就像毒药。你接触的负面影响和消极的人越多,你就会吸收越多负面能量。

  Negativity is like a drug. The more you expose yourself to negativity and negative people, the more you adopt negativity into your life.


  Instead, try to surround yourself with positive people and positive exposures. If you absolutely must know what's going on in the world, read the headlines on an Internet news stream and only read those stories that really effect your world.


  5.Take Care of Yourself


  The benefits of exercise, a healthy diet and getting enough sleep have been well documented. But just knowing about all the benefits does nothing for you unless you actually take action.


  6.Daily action


  Someone who can exercise but who chooses not to is no better off than someone who cannot exercise. Daily exercise, when coupled with a healthy diet and enough rest can do wonders for your outlook. When you feel good, it really takes effort to make yourself feel bad.


  7.Track Your Progress


  As with any goal, the person who you become as you progress towards your goal is more important than accomplishing the goal itself. As you move towards being a positive thinker, expect that you will have as many "negative thinking" days as you do "positive focused" days. But unless you keep track of your progress, you may not even realize that the numbers of days are shifting more towards the positive and away from the negative.


  What You Need:


  A list of your goals


  A journal


  A commitment to living a more positive-thought based life.





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