AEAS英语阅读模拟试题:Camera crew

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  目前,AEAS考试报名受到的关注越来越高,AEAS培训录取竞争越来越激烈。这里应广大学子的要求,AEAS培训网为大提供AEAS真题模拟成绩提升技巧,这次介绍的是英语阅读理解100篇:Camera crew.

  The famous director of a big and expensive movie planned to film a beautiful sunset over the ocean, so that the audiences could see his hero and heroine in front of it at the end of the film as

  they said goodbye to each other for ever. He sent his camera crew(摄制组) out one evening to

  film the sunset for him.

  The next morning he said to the men, ―Have you provided me with the sunset?‖ ―No, sir.‖ The men answered.

  The director was angry. ―Why not?‖ he asked.

  ―Well, sir,‖ one of the men answered,‖ we are on the east coast here, and the sun sets in the west. We can get a sunrise over the sea, if necessary, but not a sunset.‖

  ―But I want a sunset!‖ the director shouted.‖ Go to the airport, take the next flight to the west coast, and get one.‖

  But then a young secretary had an idea,‖ Why don‘t you photograph a sunrise,‖ she suggested, ―and then play it backwards? Then it would look like a sunset.‖

  ―That‘s a good idea!‖ the director said. Then he turned to the camera crew and said,‖ Tomorrow morning I want you to get me a beautiful sunrise over the sea.‖

  The camera crew went out early the next morning and filmed a bright sunrise over the beach in the middle of the beautiful bay(海湾).Then at nine o‘clock they took it to the director. ―Here it is, sir.‖ They said and gave it to him .He was very pleased.

  They all went to the studio(摄影棚). ―All right,‖ the director explained, ―now our hero and heroine are going to say goodbye. Run the film backwards so that we can see the ‗sunset‘ behind them.‖

  The‖ sunset‖ began, but after a quarter of a minute, the director suddenly put his face in his hands and shouted to the camera crew to stop.


  The birds in the film were flying backwards, and the waves on the sea were going away from the beach.

  1.One evening, the director sent his camera crew out______.

  A. to watch a beautiful sunset B. to find an actor and an actress C. to film a scene on the sea D. to meet the audience

  2.Which of the following is NOT true?

  A. The crew had to follow the secretary‘s advice.

  B. If you want to see a sunrise, the east coast is the place to go to. C. The camera crew wasn‘t able to film the scene the first day. D. The director ordered his crew to stop filming the ―sunset‖ .

  3.The director wanted to film the sunset over the ocean because______.

  A. it went well with the separation of the hero and the heroine B. when they arrived at the beach it was already in the evening C. it was more moving than a sunrise

  D. the ocean looked more beautiful at sunset

  4.After the ―sunset‖ began, the director suddenly put his face in his hands______.

  A. because he was moved to tears

  B. as he saw everything in the film moving backwards

  C. as the sunrise did not look as beautiful as he had imagined

  D. because he was disappointed with the performance of the hero and heroine





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