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  A holiday jet pilot(飞行员)said that he would land and call the police after a woman refused to stop smoking. He WARNED Maureen Harkavy, ―Put that cigarette(香烟)out ,or I‘ll land the plane and have you arrested(逮捕)‖

  Maureen, 47, was so shocked she wrote to airline‘s chairman. But his reply was even ruder. ―You seem to think you have a God – given right to pollute your neighbours‘ atmosphere,‖ wrote John Ferriday of Paramount Airways. (a) Said Maureen, ―I only found out about it when I was checking in. I‘m a nervous flyer so I lit a cigarette during the flight. A stewardess(空姐)asked me to put it out, but I said I wanted to carry on as there was no rule against smoking on the plane.‖ She was just finishing her cigarette when the pilot arrived. (b) ―I‘ve never seen such an unpleasant letter,‖ she said, ―I don‘t think I‘ll ever fly again.‖ But there was a funny side. Maureen explained, ―We were offered duty – free(免税的)cigarette from the stewardess on the plane!‖ (c) Mr Ferriday went on, ―Believe me, you haven‘t Especially when you travel on my planes.‖ Maureen and her husband Michael were moved to paramount flight just before they left Portugal. But they were not told of the company‘s no smoking policy. (d) ―He was loud and rude,‖ said Maureen. ―He said if I lit another cigarette he would land the plane at Bordeaux and hand me to the French police.‖ Later, from her home in Mosely, Birmingham, Maureen wrote to company and received the rude reply.

  1. The Second half of the story has been in wrong order. (parts a – d). Choose the rearranged order (重新排列的顺序)which you think is right.

  A. a, c, b, d B. c, a, b, d C. c, a, d, b D. d, a, b, c

  2. Maureen Harkavy _________on the plane. A. accepted the warning B. agreed to the warning

  C. refused to do what she was told to

  D. was so shocked that she wrote to the airline‘s chairman.

  3. In the answer letter to Maureen Harkavy the airline‘s chairman_______.

  A. made an apology to her for his worker‘s rudeness. B. made sure that he would solve the problem.

  C. said that she had the right to smoke on his plane because the right is given by God to everyone D. actually completely agreed with what the pilot said

  4. From the story we can see that the writer probably takes the side of _________.

  A. the pilot B. the airline‘s chairman C. the stewardess D. Maureen Harkavy


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