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  As two main solutions for_______________________________, ________ and ________ draw more attention ofthe public than ever before. Some place more stress on the former while othersattach heavier weight to the latter. If asked to make a choice between the twoforces, I would not hesitate to choose the latter rather than the former。

  There is no need to deny that_______________________ but it seems ___________________. Just consider thesituation in which _____________________. Moreover, ___________________. Bycontrast, _______________________ enables us to feel _______________, in fact,as _________________________ nothing brings more benefitthan_____________________. And what is more, _____________________________。

  As can be concluded from analyses above,when you judge between both on the basis of their nature, don’t you think that____________________________? Therefore, _____________________________。



  With the improved standard of living,____________________ plays an influential part in our everyday life. Althoughit is widely accepted that _________________________, but in my opinion,_________________________________。

  It is true that X1 brings us into a wholenew world where we can easily see the changes in our life. However, just likeanything else, X1 also brings us some problems. For example,___________________. To make things worst, it ____________________. Instead,the advantages of X2 _____________________carry more weight than advantages ofX1. For one thing, X2 _________________. For another, X2also_____________________. Although X2 cannot______________________, few thingscan match X2 in terms of__________________________。

  For all the above reasons, I believe that_______

  澳洲中小学考试网一直致力于做AEAS培训,现在AEAS考试需要有优秀的老师去辅导上课,感兴趣的学生可以咨询我们哦!AEAS是Australian Education Assessment Service, 澳大利亚教育评估服务机构的简称,成立于1985年,30年来一直致力于为准备进入澳大利亚初高中学习的国际学生提供高水平的综合性测试服务。如果你对AEAS作文考试、AEAS考试时间表等信息感兴趣。可以直接联系我们。



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