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1. It was not until midnight that he finished his task.

2. Not until he came back from abroad was I able to see him again.

3. The harder you work, the greater progress you will make.

4. He walked around the house, gun in hand.

5. May you be in good health!

6. Wish you a pleasant journey back home!

7. The professor was a humorous man with big nose and deep-set eyes.

8. What surprised me most was his imagination and patience.

9. He lay on the grass, with his eyes looking at the sky and his hands under his head.

10. Sitting under the tree are Mr. Green and his first teacher.

11. On the wall hang two pictures of famous scientists.

12. Looking back upon those past years, he couldn’t help feeling very proud.

13. No sooner(Hardly) had he arrived at the theatre than(when) the play started.

14. Young as he is, he has learned advanced mathematics.

15. How I regret the hours wasted in the woods and fields!

16. There stands a beautiful vase in the corner of the room.

17. Ten miles north of the town lies a paper factory.

18. There goes the bell.

19. Nowhere has the world ever seen such a bird as here.

20. It is no use crying for help.

21. If only I had been your student in the middle school!

22. It is believed that such a thing will not happen again.

23. Only when he explained did I realize the reason for this.

24. “He works particularly hard.”  “So he does, and so do you.”

25. Not only Alice but also Jane and Mary are tired of having one examination after another.

26. Such was Albert Einstein, a simple person of great achievements.




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