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澳大利亚小学留学:动词(或谓语结构)是句子的灵魂。无论是对话还是段落,对句意的把握很大程 度上依赖对句中谓语结构的理解。看似简单、幼稚的小词只要搭配不同,其含义便有天壤之别。正是这种动词的多变性, 给我们的解题带来了巨大干扰,因而掌握和突破这些动词显得犹为重要。




fall behind落后 

  fall over one's feet 跌跤

  fall down掉下,跌倒 

  fall back撤退,后退

  1) Babies often fall _____ when they are learning to walk.

  2) Our team seems to have fallen __________ the others.

  3) As soon as the enemies fell __________, the people returned to their village.

  4) She fell__________ the bench and had her leg broken.


 go in for从事,喜爱,参加 

  go through通过,经受

  go over复习,检查

  go up(价格)上涨,建造起来

  go after追捕,追赶

  go against违反

  go ahead先行,开始吧,问吧,说吧

  go away离开

  go by时间过去

  go down下沉,降低,(日、月)西沉

  go on(with)继续进行

  go with相配,陪同

  go without没有,缺少

  go out外出,熄灭

  go all out全力以赴

  go off爆炸,进行,变坏,断电,停止供应

  go back on背约,食言

  go beyond超出

  1) Many new factories have gone __ in the past few years.

  2) Rents have gone __________ greatly recently.

  3) Many years have gone ___________ since we first met.

  4) Let's continue our journey until the sun goes _______.

  5) His actions went ___________ the will of the people,

  6) I can't do it, for it goes ___________ my duty.

  7) Over 100 students went ____________ this entrance examination.

  8) The bomb went ____________ and killed ten people.

  9) The buyer went ___________ the car carefully before reaching a decision.   

  10) This tie doesn't go ___________ my blue shirt.

  11) If you think you can solve the problem, go ______.

  12) Many students went __________ playing basketball.


get down下来,记下,使沮丧

get down to致力于,专心于

   get on进展,进步,穿上,上车

   get off脱下,下车

   get in收集,插(话) 

   get away逃跑,逃脱,去休假

   get over忘记,越过,克服,从疾病中恢复 

   get along with进展,相处

   get up起床

   get through打通电话,完成,通过 

   get round消息传开

   get close to sth. 接近,几乎

   get into (trouble)

   get to (know)

   get back取回,收回

   get out

   1) She spoke so fast that I couldn't get ____ what he said.

   2) We will find ways to get _________ difficulties.

   3) The story has got __________, and everyone knows about it.

   4) When I get _________ with the report, I'll go to the cinema.

   5) After a delicious meal the two men got __________ to business.

   6) Don't always get __________ a word when others are speaking.

   7) It took me a long time to get ___________ such an unpleasant experience.




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