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  My parents have always made me ______ about myself, even when I was twelve.

  A. feeling well B. feeling good C. feel well D. feel good此题答案选D。主要考查“make+宾语+非谓语动词”的用法,同时还考查连系动词后的表语问题。首先,根据连系动词后要接形容词作表语这一特点,可排除A和C。至于“make+宾语+非谓语动词”结构中的“非谓语动词”该用什么形式的问题,有以下几点需要注意:


  It’s no use trying to make her hurry. 想催她快点是没用的。

  The mixture of drinks made me vomit. 我喝了混合饮料后呕吐起来。

  Nothing will make me change my mind. 无论什么事都不能使我改变主意。

  The shock of seeing her again made me nearly jump out of my skin. 我又见到了她,真让我大吃一惊。

  The shock made her hesitate for a moment but she quickly came to herself again. 这一打击使她踌躇片刻,但很快就又恢复正常了。

  注意:这类结构中不定式不带 to,但在中须带 to。如:

  He was made to work twenty hours a day. 他被迫一天工作20小时。

  Children have to be made to bath regularly. 孩子们得有人逼着他们经常洗澡。

  These regulations were made to protect children. 这些规则是为保护儿童而制定的。


  We make candles to give light. 我们做蜡烛照明。

  He made a box to put his money in. 他做了个盒子来装钱。




  He tried to make his ideas known. 他设法让别人知道他的想法。

  Her nobility of character made her much admired. 她的高尚品格令人钦佩。

  She had to shout to make herself heard. 她必须大声喊才能让人听见她说话。



  正:His joke made us laugh.

  误:His joke made us laughing.


  正:He had the driver waiting for him outside.

  误:He made the driver waiting for him outside.


  正:His funny joke made everyone laugh.

  误:His funny joke made everyone laughing.


  1. The teacher made me ______ my seat to the front of the classroom.

  A. to move B. moving C. moved D. move

  2. You made me ______ so small correcting me in front of everybody.

  A. look B. looking C. to look D. looked

  3. The slow steady roll of the ship made us ______ sick.

  A. felt B. to fell C. feel D. feeling

  4. As to correcting our homework, the teacher always makes us ______ it ourselves.

  A. done B. do C. to do D. doing

  5. He told me I wouldn’t pass the test but I’m determined to make him ______ his words.

  A. swallow B. swallowing C. swallowed D. to swallow6. Her first dissection made her ______ her mind about becoming a doctor.

  A. to change B. change C. changing D. changed7. He exerted all his influence to make them ______ his plan.

  A. accept B. accepted C. to accept D. accepting8. The student must be made ______ how each lesson can be of value to them.

  A. understanding B. understood C. to understand D. understand9. The clerks were made ______ on the floor by the man with a gun.

  A. to lie B. lying C. lied D. lie

  10. This sort of weather makes me ______ my home.

  A. remembered B. remembering C. to remember D. remember11. This programme gives ordinary viewers a chance to make their voices ______.

  A. hear B. heard C. to hear D. hearing

  12. He doesn’t speak much English but he can make himself ______.

  A. understanding B. understood C. to understand D. understand13. She couldn’t make her voice ______ above the noise of the traffic.

  A. heard B. hearing C. to hear D. hear

  14. Helen had to shout _____ over the sound of the music.

  A. making herself hear B. to make herself hearC. making herself heard D. to make herself heard15. Paul doesn’t have to be made _______. He always works hard.

  A. learn B. to learn C. learned D. learning16. The student must _____ how each lesson can be of value to them.

  A. be made to understand B. be made understandC. make to understand D. make understanding17. The prisoners are made _____ holes and ______ them in again.

  A. to dig, fill B. dig, fill C. to dig, filling D. dig, filling【参考答案】1—5 DACBA 6—10 BACAD 11—16 BBADB 16—17 AA以上就是小编向大家介绍的AEAS语法考试的相关资讯,如果还想了解更多关于AEAS考试广州地址、南京AEAS培训机构的资讯,请多多关注本网站,也可以添加我们微信kewo11。



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