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  题目:Some people believe that children are given too much free time.

  They think that this time should be used to do more school work. How do you think children should spend their free time?


  Nowadays, more and more people believe that children have too much time.

  In fact, they are not for Chinese students.

  As a student, there’s no doubt that children should have enough time for rest for the following reasons.


  First of all, children get much burden owing to homework and tests.

  Everyday, they need to do the lots of homework and go over the knowledge which they learned.

  Some of them even don’t have relax and enjoy the life. How poor they are!

  Secondly, if they use all their spare time for studying, they will become unhealthier and unhealthier.

  They have to have spare time to do some sports which are good for their health so that they can live and study better.

  What’s more, when they have enough spare time, they can take part in some social activity.

  Children can get lots of experience which they can’t get on class, such as conversation, making friends and so on。.

  This kind of activities are very important to the future of children.

  (需进一步阐述,例如:they can take part in some social activities and volunteer work.

  From these kinds of work, children can get lots of valuable experience and useful skills which they don’t learn in class, such as how to communicating with others, solving practical problems, helping others, etc.)

  Besides study, these kinds of experience also play an important part in their future development. )

  All in all, free time is not only to help children rest, but also grow up.




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