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  26. The student couldn't _____ what the teacher was trying to explain.

  A. grip

  B. seize

  C. grasp

  D. snatch

  27. A person of 18 should stop _____ on his parents.

  A. dependent

  B. independent

  C. dependence

  D. independence

  28. There is virtually no _____ to this grammar rule.

  A. except

  B. accept

  C. exception

  D. acceptation

  29. General Brown was older than any other officer in his regiment, but he was unwilling _____.

  A. retiring from military service

  B. to be retired by military service

  C. to retire from military service

  D. to be retired from military service

  30. Your window wants _____, you'd better have it _____ this week.

  A. cleaning, do

  B. to be cleaned, do

  C. cleaning, done

  D. being cleaned, done

  31. The lost car of the Lees was found _____ in the woods off the highway.

  A. abandoning

  B. be abandoned

  C. abandoned

  D. to be abandoned

  32. I'd just as soon _____ rudely to her.

  A. that you won't speak

  B. your not speaking

  C. you not speak

  D. you didn't speak


  33. Whatever _____ the reasons for it, we cannot tolerate this disloyalty.

  A. were

  B. have been

  C. be

  D. are

  34. The fact _____ the carriage was warm sent him to sleep.

  A. that

  B. which

  C. what

  D. when

  35. _____ is true everywhere in the world, you can rent a room by the day, week, month, or year.

  A. Like

  B. As

  C. The same as

  D. Such as

  36. My English teacher is extremely strict about grammar. I dare not talk with him _____ I get every grammatical point straight in my mind.

  A. although

  B. while

  C. if

  D. unless

  37. Nowadays, school children do _____ just _____ classes. There are many of them demanded by their parents to learn something else useful in the modern society.

  A. no more than, attend

  B. no less than, attending

  C. far less than, attending

  D. far more than, attend

  38. _____ that the trade between the two countries reached its highest point.

  A. During the 1960's

  B. It was in the 1960's

  C. That it was in the 1960's

  D. It was the 1960's

  39. Weather _____, the picnic will be held as scheduled.

  A. permits

  B. should permit

  C. will permit

  D. permitting

  40. The large houses are being painted, but _____.

  A. of great expense

  B. in a lot of expenses

  C. at a great expense

  D. by high expenses

  41. This is a most peculiar letter. What do you ____ of it?

  A. gather

  B. make

  C. get

  D. feel

  42. Now that we've identified the problem, we must decide on an appropriate course of ____.

  A. action

  B. progress

  C. solution

  D. development

  43. Since the couple couldn't ____ their difference, they decided to get a divorce.

  A. reconcile

  B. identify

  C. adjust

  D. coincide

  44. We attended a ____ of the new manufacturing process.

  A. demonstration

  B. display

  C. showing

  D. manifestation

  45. How many people do you think his car would ____?

  A occupy

  B. hold

  C. fit

  D. load

  46. It never ____ my mind that he might refuse the request.

  A. passed

  B. filled

  C. crossed

  D. occurred

  47. People become less ____ to new ideas as they grow older.

  A. receptive

  B. available

  C. attentive

  D. attractive

  48. Is he really ____ to judge a brass band contest?

  A. competent

  B. skillful

  C. capable

  D. efficient

  49. The new airport will be ____ from all directions.

  A. available

  B. accessible

  C. obtainable

  D. achievable

  50. The team's recent wins have now ____ them for the semi-finals.

  A. fitted

  B. promoted

  C. qualified

  D. selected


  26-30 CCCCC 31-35 CDCAB 36-40 DDBDC 41-45 BAAAB 46-50 CAABC




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