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  1. Walk a_______________ this street and turn left at the third crossing.

  2. In china the hottest month is A_______________.

  3. Have you got an e-mail a_______________?

  4. I don’t want this coat. Please show me a_______________ one.

  5. There are many a_______________ in the zoo.

  6. He doesn’t study hard. His father is always a_______________ with him.

  7. An a_______________ a day keeps the doctor away.

  8. What are you going to do this a_______________?

  9. --- what’s your a_____? --- I’m 14.

  10. She a_______________ get to school early. She’s never late for school.

  11. Please take a_______________ the empty bottle.

  12. There is an old house b_______________ the tall tree. The tall tree is in front of the house.

  13. There are a lot of b_______________ flowers in his garden.

  14. There is a b_______________ over the river.

  15. The first class b_______________ at 7:30.

  16. He usually watches TV for half an hour b_______________ he goes to bed.

  17. He wants to get some money, so he goes to the b_______________.

  18. His parents are b_______________ teachers.

  19. Ben never practices the piano. He plays it b_______________.

  20. Jane’s b________ is on the twenty-fifth. I’m going to buy a present for you.

  21. I’d like two b_______________ of pain brushed.


  22. She washes her face, b_______________ her teeth and has breakfast.

  23. --- What do you usually have for b_______________?

  24. Can I b_______________ your ruler? Mine is at home.

  25. don’t forget to b_______________ your books next time.

  26. It’s a windy day. The wind is b_______________ strongly.

  27. The cinema is b_______________ the bookshop and the post office.

  28. I’ll try my b_______________ to work hard at English.

  29. Beijing is the c_______________ of China.

  30. They’re good at throwing and c_______________ the ball.

  31. I’m going to c_______________ the Baiyun Hills this Sunday.

  32. Thank you, and here is your c_______________.

  33. China is great c_______________.

  34. His grandfather lives in the c_______________.

  35. There are a lot of clouds in the sky. It’s a c_______________ day.

  36. It’s c_______________ today. Put on your sweater, please.

  37. Here’s your c_______________. Put it on, please.

  38. His mother is a good c_______________. she can cook delicious food.

  39. There is a c_______________ on the desk. It can tell you the time.

  40. How much does the bike c_______________?

  41. I like c_______________ stamps very much.

  42. The first day of June is C_______________ day.

  43. We c_______________ our classroom every day.

  44. this bike is too expensive. Have you got c_______________ ones?

  45. Please c_______________ the table with a cloth.

  46. What’s one hundred _______________ by two point five?

  47. His father is a d_______________. He works in a hospital.

  48. The last month of the year is d_______________.

  49. Can you tell me the d_______________ between the two words?

  50. On the evening before the Spring Festival, people usually have a big d_______ with their family.


  1.along 2.August 3.address 4.another 5.animals 6.angry 8.afternoon 9.age 10.always

  11.away 12.behind 13.beautiful 14.bridge 15.begins 16.before 18.both 19.badly 20.birthday

  21.boxes 22.brushes 23.breakfast 24.borrow 25.bring 26.blowing 27.between 30.catching

  31.climb 32.change 34.countryside 35.cloudy 36.cold 37.coat 38.cook 39.clock 40.cost

  41.collecting 42.Children’s 43.clean 44.cheaper 45.cover 46.divided 48.December 49.difference 50.dinner




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