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  Some people think that... They hold this opinion because... However, others hold that... As to me, I am in favor of the first / second idea.

  回头看看刚刚的作文要求,题目中明确指出作文中要包含以下两个内容:1、怎么做才能过上快乐的生活(what they can do to ensure a happy personal life);2、这对他们的家庭或者整个社区会有什么影响(how this will affect their family and the community)。


  Henry David Thoreau once said: “Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you.” With all due respect to Thoreau, maybe happiness is not a destination, but it is not a thing so far away that we couldn’t touch it.

  The easiest way to be happy is to indulge yourself into what you love to do, the passion to which can help you tremendously elevate your mood. And when you get your mind thoroughly absorbed into your hobby or whatever meaningful activities, you could get not only happiness but also the great development of your capacity.


  In addition to this, to stay out of your comfort zone is also a good way to live happily. Research has consistently shown that we rapidly adjust to changes and treat it as the new status quo. Besides, the adrenaline surge caused by unfamiliar situation normally give us a magic tingle of excitement which can be enjoyable as well.

  Another way to ensure a happy life is to stay close to friends and family. This isn’t just a way to make yourself happy, but a win-win situation, cause relationship truly is the warmest harbor that can wash away all the fatigue and pressure for anyone. Besides, optimism can be contagious, when you are positive and happy, the other side of the intimacy, whether is your friend or your family, even the whole community, can get a beneficial influence by your attitude.

  Happiness is not a simple goal, but is about making progress, when it’s as elusive as ever. May we all be happy!



  一般来说,AEAS作文常用套路句式有People’s views/ideas/opinions on …vary from person to person.

  The following are the reasons of / for my choice/personal inclination. First, while it is true that..., it doesn't mean that... Besides, Admittedly, . . but this is not to say that... Therefore/ In a word/ from the foregoing, ...




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