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AEAS词汇填空题能全面考查学生的英语水平。这类测试要求学生不仅 要具备一定的词汇量、句型和语法等方面的知识。小编为大家准备了一些题目,供大家学习使用。


1. Lord Kelvin was a great s_______________. He invented a lot of things for people.

2. No one could read this language until Jean had worked out its s_______________.

3. His books s_______________ very well at that time.

4. He wrote a letter and s_______________ it yesterday.

5. A good s_______________ of smell is useful if you work with any kind of food.

6. The two old women have taken each other's advice and s____________ many happy moments.

7. She is a s_______________ girl. She is afraid to answer questions in class.

8. --- What s_______________ of shoes do you wear?   --- 38.

9. Being a reporter needs to have many s_______________.

10. A fire fighter with a good sense of s_______________ will always be safer than one without.

11. Light travels faster than s_______________.

12. At the party, a man made an s_______________ and people sang a few beautiful songs.

13. A reporter should be interested in many different things, s_______ as science, art and music.

14. He brought his s_______________ and went to the swimming pool.

15. He has t_______________ an interest in science.

16. We'll t _______________ a holiday as soon as school is finished.

17. He is an honest boy. He never t_______________ a lie.

18. I saw a t_______________ accident happen this morning.

19. English is a useful t_______________; we should work hard at it.

20. When we got to the t_______________ of the mountain, we were very tired.


1. scientist 2. secret 3. sold 4. sent 5. sense 6. shared 7. shy 8. size 9. skills 10. small

11. sound 12. speech 13. such 14. swimsuit 15. taken 16. take 17. tells 18. terrible 19. tool 20. top




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