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  1. For parents, one of the problems ____ by rising prices is the continual demand for more

  pocket money.

  A. given

  B. posed

  C. provided

  D. forced

  2. The police managed to ____ down the owner of the car.

  A. trace

  B. track

  C. search

  D. pursue

  3. The party's reduced vote was ____ of lack of support for its polices.

  A. indicative

  B. confirming

  C. revealing

  D. evidence

  4. The football match was televised ____ from the Workers' Stadium.

  A. alive

  B. life

  C. live

  D. lively

  5. Having considered the problem for a while she thought better ____ her first solution.

  A. to

  B. than

  C. from

  D. of


  6. If that idea was wrong, the project is bound to fail, ____ good all the other ideas might be.

  A. whatever

  B. though

  C. whatsoever

  D. however

  7. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of the body of a runner, ____ to the body.

  A. the greater the stress

  B. the stress is greater

  C. greater the stress is

  D. greater is the stress

  8. That's your sister, ____?

  A. isn't it

  B. isn't that

  C. isn't she

  D. aren't you

  9. It's high time we ____ a rest.

  A. have

  B. had

  C. are having

  D. should have

  10. If you ____, you'd better go outside in the fresh air.

  A. faint

  B. have fainted

  C. are going to faint

  D. will faint

  11. I don't know ____.

  A. why do this

  B. why to do this

  C. why doing this

  D. why we ought to do this

  12. The man over there is ____ our principal.

  A. no other but

  B. no other than

  C. no one than

  D. none other than

  13. No one can walk the wire without a bit of fear unless ____ very young.

  A. having been trained

  B. trained

  C. to be trained

  D. being trained

  14. -- When can we come to visit you?

  -- Any time you feel ____.

  A. for it

  B. to it

  C. like it

  D. so

  15. His honesty is ____: nobody can doubt it.

  A. in question

  B. out of the question

  C. beside the question

  D. without question

  16. You won't get a loan _______ you can offer some security.

  A. lest

  B. in case

  C. unless

  D. other than

  17. ______ time, he'll make a first-class tennis player.

  A. Having

  B. Given

  C. Giving

  D. had

  18. I _____ the party much if there hadn't been quite such a crowd of people there.

  A. would enjoy

  B. will have enjoyed

  C. would have enjoyed

  D. will be enjoying

  19. This company has now introduced a policy ____ pay rises are related to performances at work.

  A. which

  B. where

  C. whether

  D. what

  20. He wasn't asked to take on the chairmanship of the society, _______ insufficiently popular with all members.

  A. having considered

  B. was considered

  C. was being considered

  D. being considered

  21. This may have preserved the elephant from being wiped out as well as other animals ______ in Africa.

  A. hunted

  B. hunting

  C. that hunted

  D. are hunted

  22. The office has to be shut down ______ funds.

  A. being a lack of

  B. from lack of

  C. to a lack of

  D. for lack of

  23. In international matches, prestige is so important that the only thing that matters is to avoid _____.

  A. from being beaten

  B. being beaten

  C. beating

  D. to be beaten

  24. As it turned out to be a small house party, we ____ so formally.

  A. need not have dressed up

  B. must not have dressed up

  C. did not need to dress up

  D. must not dress up

  25. Western Nebraska generally receives less snow than _____ Eastern Nebraska.

  A. in

  B. it receives in

  C. does

  D. it does in


  1-5 BBACD 6-10 DAABC 11-15 DDBCD 16-20 CBCBD 21-25 ADBAC




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