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  1.____ all behavior is learned behavior is a basic assumption of social scientists.

  A) Nearly

  B) That nearly

  C) It is nearly

  D) When nearly

  2. On cloudy nights it is not possible to see the stars with ____ eye.

  A) naked

  B) bare

  C) flesh

  D) pure

  3. During the storm we took ____ in the doorway of a shop.

  A) rescue

  B) shelter

  C) shield

  D) proof

  4. The ship’s captain and members of the ____welcomed us on board.

  A) staff

  B) crew

  C) team

  D) chain

  5. At the first ____ of twelve everyone stopped for lunch.

  A) sound

  B) stroke

  C) moment

  D) minute

  6. The map was drawn to the standard____ of 1/100,000 so there was not much detail.

  A) base

  B) line

  C) rate

  D) scale

  7. Her skirt had been so ____ in packing that she had to iron it before going out.

  A) crushed

  B) torn

  C) dirty

  D) untidy


  8. We are taking ____a collection to buy flowers for John because he is in the hospital.

  A) to

  B) up

  C) over

  D) off

  9. It’s not what she says that bothers me. It’s the reason she says it. You’ve got to read ____ the lines with her.

  A) among

  B) amongst

  C) between

  D) through

  10. I mistook you ____ your brother.

  A) for

  B) as

  C) to be

  D) by

  11. I am easily hurt because my feelings are very ____.

  A) sensible

  B) sensational

  C) sensitive

  D) sentimental

  12. The medical record shows that it was the drug, not the disease, ____ killed him several years ago. 

  A) the effects of which

  B) the effects of it

  C) finally

  D) that

  13. What you have done is ____ the doctor’s orders.

  A) attached to

  B) responsible to

  C) resistant to

  D) contrary to

  14. You can’t see through a telescope unless it is ____ correctly to your sight.

  A) adapted

  B) adopted

  C) adjusted

  D) accustomed

  15. An ambulance must have priority as it usually has to deal with some kind of ____.

  A) crisis

  B) urgency

  C) emergency

  D) emergence

  16.____ nothing more to discuss, the secretary-general got to his feet, said goodbye and left the room. 

  A) There was

  B) Being

  C) There being

  D) As there being

  17. I ____you that the machine will arrive next week.

  A) insist

  B) confirm

  C) assure

  D) undertake

  18. Many new ____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education. 

  A) opportunities

  B) necessities

  C) probabilities

  D) realities

  19. His discovery counts ____nothing though he tried very hard.

  A) on

  B) for

  C) in

  D) up

  20. He has never felt himself so powerfully ____to the scientific ideal.

  A) interested

  B) absorbed

  C) confident

  D) attracted

  21. If you don’t put the food in the refrigerator, it may go ____.

  A) off

  B) over

  C) wrong

  D) out

  22. If this university ____ such a good reputation, I would not have come here.

  A) didn’t have

  B) hadn’t had

  C) doesn’t have

  D) hasn’t had

  23. He agreed with the plan in ____, but thought that in practice it would not work. 

  A) attitude

  B) approach

  C) viewpoint

  D) principle

  24. If only we ____ then the disease was curable.

  A) knew

  B) could know

  C) had known

  D) would have known

  25. The weather is highly ____ at this time of the year and it is hard to know what to wear. 

  A) various

  B) variant

  C) variable

  D) varied


  1. B2. A3. B4. B5. B6. D7. A8. B9. C10. A11. C12. D13. D14. C15. C16. C17. C18. A19. B20. D21. C22. A23. D24. C25. C




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